Photographer in Indianapolis | How To Find The Right Newborn Photographer For Your Family

As a newborn photographer in Indianapolis, I know personally that there are so many things to consider when choosing a photographer! This person will be there for those once-in-a-lifetime moments. The moments you cannot rewind or re-do if the images don’t capture the true essence of you and your family. Your children grow and change in a moment’s time. You need someone with expertise and experience to come alongside and document those moments for you. 

Every photographer in Indianapolis has different sets of skills, editing techniques and styles. We are not created equal. You need to find the right photographer for you and your sweet family. When it comes to a fleeting moment, such as bringing your baby home for the very first time or their first birthday, you do NOT want to chance it on a photographer that does not fit your family.

We’ve created this guide to include a few of the things we think you should consider when selecting a photographer for your family’s irreplaceable moments. 

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You pay your photographer. Then you have to find a location and get everyone in your home ready. You shop for clothing for the whole family. You try to figure out what to wear and what will coordinate well, stopping at multiple stores and trying on your own outfits with kids in tow. You’re still not sure about the outfits (that Instagram poll was so NOT helpful).

The day of your session,  you’re running around trying to get everyone else prepped and ready. (On very little sleep, of course) Then you realize you still have to shower, dry and style your own hair, AND put on make-up? AH! They take your photos and send you a link to download them. Now you have to find both a quality printer and a framer, determine what sizes and photos will fit together nicely on your wall. You need to figure out where to have an album made, and design said album… all while you’re freshly postpartum, exhausted, and healing from having a baby. (not to mention you’re most likely trying to maintain a house and other kiddos as well!)

Sample images of a gallery wall design by Brittney Lear, photographer in Indianapolis


You commission your photographer, who sends you a planning guide for your session and gets to know your family. You are given all of the information you need to confidently plan your family’s wardrobe. (Including style boards with links to outfits that will photograph beautifully!) Your photographer is prompt in responding to any questions you may have. Your photographer knows what locations photograph best and will choose the best location for your family. On your session day, you can relax and enjoy your family knowing your photographer will manage the children. She naturally poses everyone in beautiful, soft light.  

After your session, you will receive a gallery full of images you will love. She can design a gallery wall for that empty wall space with the perfect set of images from your session. Everything can be mocked up to scale. She has the most stunning and classic solid wood frames for you to choose from. No guessing on sizes or what would fit best on your wall or in your space. It is all done for you!

We Care For Our Families

At Brittney Lear Photography, we take our role in documenting the growth of your family very seriously. It is our greatest honor to document these moments. Since you cannot go back and get a redo, we know you’re going to want an expert! Someone who will help you from start to finish. We’re here to worry about all the tiny details (and kid corralling) for you! We’ve got you covered and specialize in providing a stress free photography experience for our mamas. Experience B is an example of how each mom is cared for and each detail meticulously thought through and looked after. 

Photographer in Indianapolis |POSING AND SHOOTING STYLE


The posed style involves heavy use of posing beanbag or table. This style involves a sleepy, snuggly baby being gently contorted into various positions. Oftentimes with the use of props, baskets or buckets. While we are trained in safely posing newborns, this is not our personal style. We like to remember babies the way they looked in real life, in their natural relaxed positions.  However, there are many artists who specialize in this style and depict it beautifully! If you decide to find a photographer who specializes in posed newborn sessions, be sure to find someone trained in newborn safety. Many poses could potentially harm your baby if not executed correctly.

Newborn baby posed in froggy and side lying positions in black and white


Baby Led

The baby led style of posing involves your photographer working with your baby’s natural positions. Both asleep or contentedly awake, I will capture what your baby truly looks like in the moment. I will wrap baby to resemble their natural sleeping positions. I often photograph them sleeping on a bed, swaddled in a crib or Moses basket, snuggled into dad’s arms, or laying on mom’s chest.  

Mother looks over her newborn baby sleeping in a woven basket on a bed photographer in Indianapolis

Photographer In Indianapolis | Editing Style


There are several different editing styles to consider when choosing a photographer in Indianapolis to capture your family’s essence. Photographers may edit photos to look true to life, airy, colorful, filmy, moody or high contrast. You should think about what style would best portray your family. You want to create timeless, meaningful photos, regardless of the current trends. We want to create imagery that looks the way you want your memories to feel. So that when you look back on them years from now, you remember those moments clearly. That’s why we edit in a soft and airy manner that remains true to the natural coloring and light. 

While there are many artists who excel in creating beautiful, moody images with deep colors and shadows, this isn’t the feel we prefer for sessions. You want these days to be remembered as a bright spot in your life, not a dark patch. When the moody trend comes and goes, our images will remain timeless forever. 

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Photographer in Indianapolis | Business Practices

Finding a photographer in Indianapolis who creates wonderful images and memories is so important. But have you thought about this? As your family grows and you all grow and reach new milestones… do you want to use the same photographer so your images on your walls and in your albums feel cohesive? If  yes, then you must wonder, does your photographer have a business that is setup to be in business for the long haul?

This may not be something you have considered yet! I can’t tell you how often moms come to me after using several other photographers who’ve gone out of business. The truth is that many photographers possess the skills to succeed, but are not educated on how to maintain a thriving, sustainable business. The heartbreaking part for the client is now you have to search and put your trust in another artist for your images, which in turn becomes a collection of mismatched and noncohesive artwork in your home. 


While finding a photographer who will throw all of the images on an online gallery for you to download is great and may seem easy at first, it is truly so much harder on you! Now you have to figure out where to print quality images, what sizes, how to place them on your wall, and how to have them framed… what a nightmare! As a luxury photographer, I would never leave my clients to manage all of this on their own. My clients are welcome to print from where ever they would like. However they have easy access to my professional lab through their online gallery and the ability to add on heirloom albums and framed fine art. And my clients can rest assured, my business is setup to be sustainable long term. 


When it comes to finding a photographer to work with and pour into your family time and time again, you truly get what you pay for. You may need to make some room in your budget for this each year. A few less trips to Starbucks for those lattes you love or dinners out. Or, you could request a payment plan. This allows you to space out the investment over the course of a few months. But you will never regret investing in having your memories printed for you professionally, adorning your walls for you to take in and enjoy daily. This is one of the few investments that will ALWAYS become more valuable with time. 

Mother holding her newborn baby and then holding him as a one year old, photographer in Indianapolis


How Soon To Book Your Session


Most of our mamas inquire by the end of their first trimester to reserve their session fir their second trimester. Because of this, our schedule books out far in advance. If you’re expecting, be sure to reach out now to see if we are a good fit!

If you are looking for a photographer in Indianapolis, take a good look through one of their sessions. This ensures the photos match the vision you have for your family’s portraits. Every session will be unique to that family, however make sure you like what you see before choosing your photographer. You may enjoy this session, Carmel Newborn Twins.

If you’re an expecting mother who would like an experience where you do not have to worry about all of small details and stressful parts of planning a portrait session, we would love to chat about your family’s needs to see if we could be a perfect fit for you! For more information about our full service, stress free experience, fill out this form and we’ll be in touch!

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