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Midwives provide excellent care during pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum. At Divine Birth Midwifery in Greenwood, Indiana, families can enjoy exceptional midwifery services under the leadership of Shannon Greika, who strives to help every family have a positive, empowering birth experience right in the comfort of their own home. 

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Families feel comfortable at home, so why not give birth in their most comfortable, sacred space? At home, families feel safe, supported, and private. Home births are best done under the care of a certified professional midwife (CPM), where moms can give birth safely with access to medical supervision as needed. 

Divine Birth Midwifery is led by Shannon Greika, a certified professional midwife and Indiana-licensed certified direct entry midwife, who offers home birth services to families in central Indiana. Her midwifery journey was inspired by the birth of her own children, and she believes that every birth is a transformational process for women that should be celebrated. She has experience as a doula in addition to her midwifery training. Shannon seeks to help all families have the most positive birth experience possible. 

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Midwives at Divine Birth Midwifery believe that pregnancy is a natural process that the body is equipped for. Birth is often safest when minimal interventions are used. However, midwives constantly evaluate women’s and babies’ status during pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum. This ensures that any risks and complications come to light. Midwives believe that pregnancy should be supported with good nutrition, education, and attentive care. Midwifery care includes the entire family working together as a collaborative team to make healthcare decisions.

Prenatal care at Divine Birth Midwifery includes holistic, comprehensive care with monthly visits until the third trimester, when appointments become more frequent. Prenatal care includes routine labs and ultrasounds. Labor and birth care help families give birth in their own way, in the comfort of their own homes. When the birthing person stays relaxed in the home environment, the birth process tends to go smoothly. Postpartum care starts immediately following birth and all the way through 6 weeks postpartum. Care is provided for moms and babies and includes lactation assistance as needed. 

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Divine Birth Midwifery provides collaborative care to families in the case of a physician being necessary. Sometimes, pregnancies involve risks and complications that necessitate more specialized care, and midwives can work in collaboration with physicians to assess any special needs that arise during pregnancy, labor, and delivery. 

Patients rave about Divine Birth Midwifery. One client said that her home birth in her early 20s was a positive experience due to the midwives at Divine Birth Midwifery. She enjoyed professional, compassionate care during pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum. Shannon was attentive at every step of the way. Another client said that she was able to get the reassurance and encouragement she needed to make it through her home birth experience. Another client raved about having her fourth baby at home under the care of Shannon, having a phenomenal experience as she felt challenged, encouraged, and empowered through Shannon’s exceptional level of care and support throughout the entire process. 

Divine Birth Midwifery

Divine Birth Midwifery is a midwifery practice that gives families access to high-quality midwifery care throughout pregnancy and beyond. From prenatal care to labor and delivery support to postpartum check-ins, midwives at Divine Birth Midwifery provide exceptional care to the families they serve. 

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