Quality Food for Your Little One’s Eating Transition With Café Baby!

Starting solids can feel like a daunting task for parents. Store-bought baby food sometimes doesn’t seem ideal, but not all parents have the time or resources to cook high-quality meals for their baby at home. That’s where Café Baby takes away the stress and guesswork of providing babies with food. This meal service delivers quality, fresh foods designed just for babies and toddlers so that parents can rest assured their little ones get the best nutrition. 

About Café Baby

A mother-daughter duo inspired by the difficulty of finding high-quality store-bought baby food as full-time working parents founded Café Baby. At Café Baby, not all baby food is created equal. The food sold at this family-owned business comprises the highest quality standards. Every baby deserves access to flavorful, fun, affordable, fresh foods free from artificial flavors and preservatives.

Founder and working mom Jeannie created Café Baby after having her first baby and balancing being at work and caring for her little one. She wanted to provide the best possible food to her baby, feeding him a balanced diet in a sustainable, nutritious, affordable way. All foods at Café Baby are free from chemicals and preservatives because every baby deserves a well-balanced, quality diet. 

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Products and Services

Café Baby stands out from the crowd by making solids simple. The Solids Starter Pack provides a menu of beginner flavors and textures for babies as they start their journey in solid foods. As your baby grows and develops, the menu expands to include more diverse flavors and textures, helping expose your baby to various foods and prevent picking eating.

All foods at Café Baby are high in protein, from sources such as salmon, chicken, beef, and pork. Proteins are an essential building block to a baby’s growth, and these meats can also be a healthy source of iron.

This online meal service does not require a subscription, preventing food waste and additional unnecessary costs. Parents can simply order what they need, when they need it, to cater to their baby’s changing needs and appetite. All foods are handmade with only the finest ingredients. Homemade baby food is time-consuming, but Café Baby makes feeding your baby simple. Parents don’t have to feel like they have to choose convenience over quality. Café Baby’s diverse menu ensures that your baby gets access to high-quality, nutritious food at every meal.

Café Baby has flexible menu options for families’ differing needs and lifestyles. From finger foods to purees, there are many different options. You can customize boxes to meet any of your preferences. Families can simply select the items they want from the online ordering catalog and begin customizing their baby’s box! 

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In addition to high-quality baby food, Café Baby supports parents on their breastfeeding journey. For families struggling with low milk supply, Cafe Baby offers Mommy’s Milk Lactation Cookies that can help boost milk supply. These delicious cookies are baked fresh and include galactagogues, foods proven to increase milk supply. Healthy snacks are a must while breastfeeding to help with the calories that the baby takes through nursing. Pair one of these tasty cookies with fresh fruit for a well-balanced, nutritious snack any time of the day. 

The Solids Starter Pack is perfect for anyone overwhelmed with the idea of starting solids. The Spoonies purees feature the best “first foods” for a baby, and this pack includes a guide to help instruct families on how to get their baby started on their feeding journey. Each Starter Pack includes 12 purees in 6-ounce jars and a full-size sample from the Chewies menu designed for 7-9-month-olds. You can store these purees in the refrigerator or freezer. 

Café Baby

Café Baby takes the guesswork out of starting solids. With various flavors, parents can create customized boxes tailored to their baby’s unique needs as they start their eating journey. Café Baby gives families an affordable, quality way to feed their little ones without the hassle of cooking meals at home. 

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