4 Professionals With Indianapolis Placenta Encapsulation Services!

Placenta encapsulation is a process you will want to take time to research. The provider must be safe and follow strict processing procedures. The benefits of ingestion include increased mood, decreased postpartum recovery times, and a way to restore your body’s nutrients after birth. Check out these studios offering Indianapolis placenta encapsulation services to find the right fit for your family.

4 Studios for Your Indianapolis Placenta Encapsulation Needs 

Indianapolis Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta encapsulation and ingestion can be a positive method to prevent postpartum depression. The process begins after birth when the Certified Specialist at Indy Placenta collects your placenta from you at the hospital. Then, at their in-home processing studio, it will be rinsed, sliced, and dehydrated. After dehydrating the placenta, they ground it into capsules that return to you in 2-3 days. 

They recommend you begin consuming the capsules when you are five days postpartum. When ready, you can complete Indy’s contact form and secure your booking with a deposit. Price listing is available online for basic placenta encapsulation in the Indianapolis area. Additional services include tincture, added flavor to the capsules, placenta prints, placenta pendants, and in-home processing.

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Circle City Birth Services

Circle City Birth Services provides placenta encapsulation or other types of placenta preparation. Consuming placenta capsules after birth can assist in postpartum pain relief, increase milk production, enhance your overall mood, and more. 

Circle City uses three methods for its process, including gentle prep, raw cubes, or steam prep. For capsules, you can choose either flavored gelatin or plain vegetarian. Additional preservation options include placenta chocolates, tincture, artwork, photographs, and umbilical cord keepsakes. 

Birch & Magnolia

Birch and Magnolia is a unique Indianapolis placenta encapsulation service that process the placenta in your own home. They will provide a cooler and materials to transport your placenta home after birth. Birch & Magnolia conducts the task in your home to provide you with security that they process your placenta. 

You can participate in the steps if you wish. During the operation’s downtime, their staff will support you and answer any questions. The placenta has been considered a powerful medicine in Traditional Chinese Medicine for thousands of years, with numerous health benefits. 

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Grace & Genesis

Grace & Genesis in Indianapolis can support you with placenta encapsulation to preserve the vitamins and minerals in the placenta. The capsules can balance hormones, decrease postpartum bleeding, and prevent anemia. 

The process begins a few hours after birth with a staff member collecting the placenta from the hospital. Then, it is dehydrated, ground into power, and turned into capsules that are safe for consumption. You will receive your capsules in 1-2 days at the hospital or in your home. 

Indianapolis Placenta Encapsulation

Find a service that works for you with one of these Indianapolis placenta encapsulation studios, providing benefits for your overall health after birth. There are a variety of preservation methods to match your unique needs after birth. 

As a professional Indianapolis newborn photographer, let me capture your family in those blurred days after birth. I offer a stress-free photography experience for your family to help you preserve those moments when they are little. 

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