Safe & Compassionate Maternal Fetal Medicine in Indianapolis

As an expectant mother in Indianapolis, you deserve the best possible care for both you and your baby during childbirth. That’s why it’s reassuring to know that trained providers are available to offer safe and expert care for high-risk pregnancies. You can trust that you and your little one are in good hands! See how these 4 providers for Maternal-Fetal Medicine in Indianapolis are dedicated to the safety and care of you and your child.

4 Providers of Maternal-Fetal Medicine in Indianapolis Dedicated to Your and Your Child’s Safety

Riley Children’s Health

Riley’s Children’s Health is a leading provider with the state’s largest team of expert providers. The staff will begin with a prenatal evaluation to develop a plan for your care throughout your pregnancy. They will then customize that care plan for you and your growing baby with a group of specialists in their office. Your baby may spend time in their neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) with the nation’s leading neonatologists if needed. Use their site to search for a nearby provider and book an appointment online.

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Ascension Medical Group St. Vincent

At Ascension Medical Group, S. Vincent, the maternal-fetal medicine expert provider supports Indianapolis and the central Indiana community. They understand that a high-risk pregnancy can cause anxiety and fear. Their team provides compassionate and high-quality care for women. Personalized care plans will be developed using their multi-discipline team to meet your and your baby’s needs. Additionally, your baby will receive care in their top-ranked level IV NICU if needed. They are the only women’s medical hospital providing this level of care. Contact their office via phone to make an appointment and learn more about their services.

Franciscan Health Maternal-Fetal Medicine & Genetics Indianapolis

If you are a high-risk pregnancy or expecting multiple births, connect with Franciscan Health Maternal Fetal Medicine & Genetics. Their board-certified specialists provide care to women around Indianapolis. Their team will develop a personalized birthing plan for your family through counseling, screening, and diagnostic testing. You can easily request an appointment using their online contact form.

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Indiana University

At Indiana University, the team of providers has advanced knowledge and training. They specialize in high-risk pregnancies and unexpected medical conditions during pregnancies. Their large team of providers includes ten full-time faculty members and three fellows, Indiana’s only maternal-fetal medicine fellowship. Through research, the center leads treatment options for women in the area of maternal-fetal medicine. 

Maternal Fetal Medicine Indianapolis

Reduce your stress by contacting a provider in maternal-fetal medicine in Indianapolis. Through advanced training and experience, these area providers will develop customized care plans. This will allow you and your baby the best outcome during pregnancy and birth. With expert advice and support, your family will confidently welcome your newborn. 

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