The Stork’s Nest Creates Positive Experiences Through Surrogacy

The Stork’s Nest helps build families through assisted reproduction. As a Surrogacy Agency in Indiana, they strive to create a positive and stress-free experience for intended parents and surrogates. With extensive background, medical, and mental screenings, families and surrogates receive matches through extensive research. So you know you are working with an incredible team of meticulous doctors you can trust!

About The Stork’s Nest

The practice remains woman-owned and operated by founder Amanda Sapp. Amanda began her journey as a registered nurse before pursuing her legal career. During her time at law school, she found her passion for supporting families with surrogacy law. She created the first agency in Indiana focusing on gestational surrogacy, The Stork’s Nest.  

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The agency is unique as it focuses on gestational surrogacy. This type of third-party reproduction is a method where the surrogate, a woman carrying a child, is not genetically related to her. Using an intended mother’s or donor’s egg and an intended father’s or donor’s sperm are used to create the embryo. Through In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), the embryo is transferred into the gestational surrogate’s uterus. Prior to any introductions or matching with families, The Storks Nest conducts all required medical and psychological assessments. This helps to alleviate any disappointment for intended families or surrogates after matching. The office provides a safe, comfortable, and supportive environment for families and surrogates.

They also offer support for individuals and couples interested in growing their families through surrogacy. Surrogates and intended parents must complete a background check and mental health screening prior to placement. Intended parents must also attend counseling sessions to ensure the best experience for families. 

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You can read about the latest information related to gestational surrogacy, Indiana surrogacy laws, and more on their blog. When you want to learn more and start with their services, complete the application online. The application is available for intended parents and for women who are interested in becoming gestational surrogates. The Stork’s Nest works with each family and surrogate to provide the best possible outcome for both parties. The Stork’s Nest recommends all families connect with an attorney specializing in surrogacy prior to building a family through a surrogate. At The Stork’s Nest, they work with an Indiana surrogacy attorney who can handle all matters related to surrogacy in Indiana. Their attorney can provide referrals and resources for surrogacy attorneys in other states. 

The Stork’s Nest

Whether you are looking to grow your family or support another family, The Stork’s Nest is a great place to go. Through extensive screenings and background checks, intended families and surrogates are provided the best opportunity for a successful outcome. 

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November 14, 2023



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