Caring for Your Children With Peppermint Pediatrics

If you are looking for a personal pediatrician for your children who you can access anytime, check out Peppermint Pediatrics. The practice is membership-based, and clients are limited to ensure you have optimal care for your children. 

About Peppermint Pediatrics

Peppermint Pediatrics is a woman-owned and operated practice by Dr. Janine Zee-Cheng. As a mother, Janine understands how to care and provide for children of all ages. She is passionate about supporting mental health in children as they grow up. Dr. Zee-Cheng enjoys the individualized care she can provide her clients through a membership-based practice. 

After spending ten years in the pediatric intensive care unit, she returned to her love of primary pediatrics. The office is a peaceful place for families to go for their appointments. They reside on five acres of beautiful land with an apple tree in the front. 

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Peppermint Pediatrics is a monthly membership-based practice. All parents and patients have access to the pediatrician 24/7. Patients will have her direct phone number, so you don’t have to go through a middle person to discuss anything. The membership includes:

  • In-office sick calls.
  • Annual exams.
  • Immunizations.
  • Quarterly check-ins for mental health or development questions. 

The number of clients is limited to ensure all clients have access to Dr. Zee-Cheng. Once client capacity is reached, they will add all other potential clients to a waitlist for care. The office provides health care to young adults through college graduation or 22 years old. Insurance is accepted and can be used for your exams, immunizations, and other healthcare needs.

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Peppermint Pediatrics also offers piercing, lactation support, dry needling, and car seat checks. Piercings is available outside of the pediatric membership for anyone ages six years and up. If you are unsure about piercings, they provide complimentary piercing consultations to discuss the process. 

They perform piercings on the ear and high lobes for anyone six years and up. Other areas of the ears are available for those 12 years and up. Nostril piercings are available for children 14 years and up. Furthermore, lactation support is available without a monthly membership sign-up. The consultation includes latching issues, weaning, supply issues, and more. 

In-home lactation support is also available. Additionally, they offer dry needling to anyone 18 and up to alleviate muscular pains. Parents can also schedule a car seat check to ensure their children are riding safely in the car. Sign up for their newsletter to stay updated on health information and topics for your children. 

Peppermint Pediatrics

When you are ready to meet Dr. Zee-Cheng, you can schedule a complimentary meet and greet at Peppermint Pediatrics in Zionsville, IN. The membership-based pediatrician is available to your family 24/7 for any urgent needs. 

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