3 Wonderful Options for a Postpartum Doula Indianapolis!

Bringing a new baby home from the hospital is a major adjustment for families. From feeding issues to sleepless nights, to endless diaper changes, taking care of a newborn is a challenge! A postpartum doula provides overnight support and truly becomes a game changer for families overwhelmed with their new baby. These three postpartum doula services in Indianapolis provide high-quality services to help support families through this major life change, giving them an easier start to their parenting journey. 

Three Highest-Rated Postpartum Doula Services in Indianapolis

Circle City Birth Services

Serving families in Central Indiana

At Circle City Birth Services, Tamrha provides overnight support and infant care as a way of assisting new parents in the early days and months of parenthood. She helps parents get more rest and rejuvenation while they know their baby receives car from a professional. Overnight support includes feeding, diaper changes, soothing the baby back to sleep, and providing emotional support to new parents. Postpartum doula care can help parents feel more confident and empowered. So they can adjust to their new roles and learn how to care for a newborn. 

Packages include postpartum and newborn resources, referrals for postpartum nutrition for mothers, education on postpartum care, newborn care education, feeding support, babywearing support, and sleep support. 

A newborn baby sleeps in a green onesie and matching sleep cap

Indiana Birth And Parenting

Serving families in Central Indiana and Metro Indianapolis 

Doulas at Indiana Birth and Parenting provides knowledge, confidence, and non-judgmental care, getting to know their patients on a personal level and treating them like family. The doula’s goal is to build a patient’s confidence as they get to know their little one, making the postpartum experience less overwhelming. Additionally, their doulas can provide care in the mornings, afternoons, and overnight, assisting with baby care, taking care of household tasks, meal prep, taking the baby on walks, setting up the nighttime routine, and helping establish sustainable sleep habits for the newborn. 

Services are available a la carte or in 100, 250, or 450-hour packages. Hours can be used for morning, afternoon, evening, and overnight sessions. Doulas balance physical, hands-on support with parental education and practical knowledge. 

A newborn baby wears a floral swaddle and green sleep cap in a clear hospital crib postpartum doula indianapolis

Sacred Roots

6620 Parkdale Pl 

Suite K

Indianapolis, IN 46254

Midwives at Sacred Roots understand that pregnancy and birth are special, natural processes that should be treated as such. Not as medical events that need to be feared. Patients receive personalized, evidence-based care that is informative and empowering to families. Care covers prenatal care, where patients come in for routine appointments during pregnancy, labor, and delivery at a birth center, postpartum care for the first six weeks following delivery, breastfeeding support, and well-woman care. Nurse midwives help patients achieve their health and wellness goals through comprehensive services to keep them feeling their best through all stages of their lives, from adolescence through the menopause stage. 

Postpartum Doula Indianapolis

A postpartum doula in Indianapolis provides monumental support for families as they begin their parenthood journey. From pregnancy support to help during labor and delivery to amazing help during the first weeks and months as a family adjusts to bringing a new baby home, doulas provide a wide range of care that is evidence-based and empowering to families as they learn to care for their new baby. 

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June 12, 2023



  1. […] 3 Wonderful Options for a Postpartum Doula Indianapolis! […]

  2. […] 3 Wonderful Options for a Postpartum Doula Indianapolis! […]

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