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Midwives are healthcare providers who provide care during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum, focusing on maternal health and best outcomes. They can provide routine reproductive care, as well as specialty care during labor and delivery. Midwives provide holistic, supportive care with a focus on minimal intervention. At Sol Midwifery in Indianapolis, women can experience patient-focused, nurturing, empowering care through the midwifery services of Marisol Holman and her team. 

About Sol Midwifery

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At Sol Midwifery, women can experience gentle, experienced, personalized care throughout their childbearing years. Sol Midwifery provides affordable, knowledgeable care in a supportive and welcoming environment. From well-woman visits to labs and testing, nutritional consultations, fertility counseling, and homebirth services, Sol Midwifery serves the North and East side of Indianapolis, Carmel, Fishes, Anderson, and Muncie. The practice is located at Indy Center for Family Wellness. 

Marisol Holman, midwife and mother of three, runs the practice. She is a proud Latina mother and wife and has been practicing midwifery since 2001. She is a CPM and CDEM and a member of the Indiana Midwifery Association, the North American Registry of Midwives, and the National Association of Certified Professional Midwives. Marisol Holman loves building relationships with her patients and getting to know them and their families. 

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Pregnancy and childbirth is an exciting time, but also an overwhelming time. Midwives provide the ultimate guidance and support throughout pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum, helping clients navigate questions and concerns, providing research and education, and giving excellent, family-centered care in a supportive environment. Patients can feel empowered to make informed choices based on evidence and research, with their baby’s health and well-being at the forefront of care. 

Services include well-woman visits, lab testing services, nutrition counseling, fertility counseling, and home birth services. 

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Patients rave about Marisol’s midwifery services. Clients say she is patient, calm, and understanding while empowering her patients to make informed choices that are best for their families. Marisol assists in home births, including the entire family (including siblings), in the experience. 

Marisol’s care is safe, nurturing, and empowering to her patients throughout pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum. She is knowledgeable and focuses on keeping babies and mothers healthy and strong. Her compassionate, intuitive practice is always fine-tuned to meet her client’s physical and emotional needs. 

The practice also hosts an annual client picnic, where families can come together, meet other families with similar lifestyles, and build lasting friendships and community with other parents. This midwifery practice focuses on the “village” mentality, encouraging families to come together and support one another throughout the amazing, challenging journey of parenthood. Support, encouragement, and validation are shared by this community. 

Sol Midwifery

As an alternative to traditional prenatal and postnatal care, midwives provide patient-focused, individualized care with a focus on minimal interventions. Midwives can provide routine prenatal care, assist in labor and delivery (in hospitals and at home), and provide postpartum care and support as families adjust to having a new baby. At Sol Midwifery, Marisol Holman provides exceptional care to her patients, and her clients rave about her nurturing, compassionate care. 

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