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Pediatric dentists can support positive dental hygiene practices and prevent many childhood dental diseases. Introducing proper brushing, flossing, and daily dental techniques at an early age will lead to a healthy smile. At Zionsville Pediatric Dentistry, the staff has created a welcoming and positive environment for all children. Ease your child’s anxiety and fear by starting care early and with the experience of a pediatric dentist. 

About Zionsville Pediatric Dentistry

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Regular visits to a pediatric dentist can provide your children with healthy teeth and gums. Teaching your children good daily dental practices at home paired with regular visits will lead to a lifetime of good dental health. Zionsville Pediatric Dentistry is family-owned and operated by Dr. Melissa McHenry. Dr. McHenry and her staff strive to provide patients with the most comfortable and pleasant care. They want all children to feel confident visiting the dentist. Their practice will create long-term dental success for their whole life. 

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Oral hygiene is an essential part of children’s development and self-confidence. Healthy gums and teeth are essential for a child’s health and can reduce other childhood illnesses. At Zionsville, Pediatric Dentistry care is offered for children from birth through high school. Complete dental care includes preventative, operative, treatment options, and emergency treatments. Contact the office for new patient information, patient transfers, and doctor referrals for care. The office conveniently placed all required forms online for parents to download. You can quickly complete all paperwork before your child’s first appointment. If you have questions about insurance and payment, contact the office for more information. Their staff will happily discuss any questions or concerns your family may have about care. 

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Zionsville Pediatric Dentistry practice includes serving children with special needs. The trained staff execute strategies to support and guide all children through care. They offer various comfort management options, such as local anesthetics, nitrous oxide, and mild oral sedation. Emergency dental accidents occur, so visit their office for emergency treatment. Their office can treat broken or chipped teeth, cut/bitten tongue, or even toothache. 

Zionsville Pediatric Dentistry

Provide your children with long-term positive dental health hygiene with early intervention and prevention. Zionsville Pediatric Dentistry will educate your family on proper oral health and offer various treatment options for dental care concerns. The office can help with emergency treatments in the unfortunate event your child has a dental-related accident. 

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