Enhance Your Birth Experience With A Water Birth In Indianapolis

Water birth has many benefits for women during labor and delivery. Being in a birthing tub can relax the pelvic muscles, provide a calming space, ease the pain of contractions, decrease the feeling of body weight, and make it easier to push. These midwifery practices and medical groups provide high-quality maternity and birthing services that support and empower women who choose a water birth in Indianapolis.

Find The Team That Fits You For A Water Birth In Indianapolis

Sacred Roots Midwifery

6620 Parkdale Place, Suite K, Indianapolis, IN 

Sacred Roots Midwifery provides safe, high-quality, expert care for parents with freestanding birth centers that are accessible to the Indianapolis area. Nurse-midwives specialize in holistic care, unmedicated birth, water birth, and centering your Indianapolis family’s needs and goals. The birth center offers a homelike setting with gorgeous birthing suites. Services include birth care, breastfeeding support, prenatal care, postpartum care, and much more. Comfort measures during labor include hydrotherapy, birth balls, and nitrous oxide. Water births are supported at these birth centers. Midwives are respectful, responsive, and compassionate with patients and their families throughout the entire process. 

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Midwifery | IU Health

550 N University Blvd, Suite 2403, Indianapolis, IN 46202

Midwifery care at IU Health is a special kind of care during labor and delivery. These experts come alongside parents in a partnership to make the entire process go smoothly. IU Health strives to educate patients and their families so that they can make the best choices for themselves. Certified nurse midwives at IU Health are advanced practice registered nurses who are experts in women’s health and are great resources during labor. They are equipped to provide prenatal care, family planning, and routine women’s health exams. IU Health supports water births under the care of skilled Indianapolis midwives. Hydrotherapy can also be used for labor pain relief. Water birth is supported for low-risk midwifery patients and is an excellent birthing option. IU Health has performed water births for over 20 years. 


1801 North Senate Blvd, Suite 310, Indianapolis, IN 46202

HealthNet practices a collaborative model of care where an OBGYN doctor leads the plan of care during pregnancy but works alongside certified nurse midwives and nurse practitioners to provide excellent care tailored to suit each patient. This practice offers in-person, virtual, and phone appointments. HealthNet OBGYN doctors have been assisting with water births for years. Water birth utilizes a tub for delivery instead of a hospital bed and is a great way to help patients relax and feel lighter during labor and delivery. It can also increase the area and range of movement, making delivery easier. Waterbirth at HealthNet is available to low-risk patients who have no medical conditions such as obesity, diabetes, or hypertension.  

Riley Children’s Health

702 Barnhill Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46202

The Riley Maternity Tower, part of Riley Children’s Health, includes a labor and delivery unit that gives patients access to a full range of birthing options, from midwives to specialized care to operating rooms to an intensive care unit. From simple to complex deliveries, Riley’s Children’s Health is dedicated to supporting parents during labor and delivery. This hospital features a number of birthing options to provide patients with an exceptional, safe, memorable delivery experience. Hydrotherapy is available and uses water (showers, immersion tubs) to alleviate pain during labor and delivery. Water birth allows patients to deliver their Indianapolis babies in one of the hospital’s specialized, soothing birthing tubs. 

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Serving the Indianapolis area

Home4Birth provides empowering, respectful, personal, evidence-based care with Indiana licensed midwives and a wonderful team of physicians and assistants that ensure a safe, healthy birth. Home4Birth supports water births, and over half of their home birth clients choose to labor in the water or give birth in the water. Birth tubs are available for home births. The water has a soothing effect and provides comfort during labor and delivery. The buoyancy can help decrease the weight of the body and decrease pain. It’s easier to change positions in the tub as well. Water births allow the baby to be born gently into the water, and water can even relax the mother’s pelvic floor muscles. The birth tub has room for both the mother and her support person! 

Take Your Time And Choose The Team That Best Fits Your Dream Water Birth In Indianapolis

Water births can be empowering, amazing experiences for women. Laboring and birthing in a birth tub can help ease labor pain, increase the range of movement, give a woman a peaceful and quiet space, and make the pelvic muscles relax more for pushing. These midwifery and medical practices support parents who choose to have a water birth in Indianapolis, providing them with education, resources, and care as they welcome their new baby into the world through water birth. 

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