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As a mom, one of your priorities is ensuring your baby gets the nutrients they need from the day they arrive until they provide their own meals. If you’re considering breastfeeding or have already started your path along the milky way, you’re in the right place! While breastfeeding is a natural and beautiful way to nourish and bond with your baby and is encouraged by medical professionals until your baby is six months old, it’s not always easy. There can be pain, discomfort, and other concerns and worries along the way, but don’t let that discourage your adventure because you are NOT alone! In fact, there are breastfeeding experts that educate, support, and guide moms just like you! Whether you’re expecting and want valuable information, or you’re already breastfeeding, struggling, or have concerns, you can count on Indy Lactation Care to guide you.

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About Indy Lactation Care 

The dedicated team of International Board Certified Lactation Consultants at Indy Lactation Care takes their role in helping mothers achieve a successful breastfeeding journey to the heart. Each professional is passionate about their job and believes in providing evidence-based information and guidance to expecting and nursing mothers needing assistance. 

They know mothers have a better success rate for breastfeeding their precious babies when they have the support and informational tools they can count on. Their team has the experience and knowledge and are experts in helping mothers achieve their breastfeeding goals from big to small. They take great pride in their job and love seeing babies thrive and grow in their mothers’ arms as they breastfeed like little champions. 

At Indy Lactation Care, they understand that making appointments and trips to an office when you have a little one is not always accessible or obtainable. They strive to provide services families can benefit from with convenient and stress-free options.



There’s no need to pack the diaper bag and load the car up; they offer one-on-one visits in the comfort of your home! This allows you and your baby to relax so they can better assess your concerns, and you can feel comfortable asking any and all questions you may have. They take their time to customize and personalize the right plan so that you and your baby get the most from each feeding and your overall breastfeeding journey. 

Whether you need help quickly or prefer virtual meetings altogether, they also have that option! You can schedule a virtual appointment or in-home meeting with ease online.

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They offer more than comprehensive and personalized appointments with their International Board Certified Lactation Consultants at Indy Lactation Care. They also provide informative classes. These classes give you the details, tips, and guidance you need for your beautiful adventure, even before your baby arrives!

Indy Lactation Care

Don’t let a few bumps prevent you from having a successful breastfeeding journey! With Indy Lactation Care by your side, you can achieve your goals so that you and your baby can receive all the benefits breastfeeding offers!

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March 12, 2023



  1. Kathy Thomas says:

    This is so kind of you! What an honor to get to work sweet mamas and babies on a daily basis. We are blessed.

    We appreciate your support!

    Kathy Thomas

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