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If you’re considering a home birth in Indiana, consider contacting Mother Nurtured Midwifery, a midwifery practice based in Bedford that serves families in the area through various home birth services. Home birth can be an empowering, wonderful experience. Under the care of a skilled midwife, parents can have the most favorable outcome when it comes to welcoming their new baby into the world. 

About Mother Nurtured Midwifery

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Michelle, a licensed midwife with 14 years of experience providing home birth services to families in south-central Indiana, founded Mother Nurtured. She offers licensed midwife services based out of Bedford, serving Lawrence, Orange, Jackson, Washington, Dubois, Martin, Greene, Owen, Monroe, and Morgan counties. Midwifery services can help patients feel a personalized, compassionate touch regarding healthcare and support throughout pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum. 

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Mother Nurtured Midwifery offers various services throughout pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum. Prenatal care includes in-office visits that occur monthly until the third trimester when appointments become more frequent. Each visit includes blood pressure checks, fetal position, and heart rate monitoring. They conduct screenings and labs as needed. Prenatal visits often include plenty of time for patients to get to know their midwife, ask questions, or discuss any concerns about giving birth. There is plenty of collaborative care between midwives and a physician.

Labor and birth services include home birth support. Patients are encouraged to remain active during labor, and the midwife and assistant arrive from the time active labor begins and stay until a few hours after delivery.

Postpartum care includes an in-home postpartum checkup to ensure the mother and baby are healthy. Mother Nurtured offers the Indiana Newborn Screening heel prick and CCHD screening. They also provide essential breastfeeding support and refer patients to lactation consultants as needed. Additional visits occur at one week, three weeks, and six weeks postpartum. 

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Mother Nurtured midwives can attend water births. Laboring in the water is also encouraged. For patients that plan to use their bathtub, whirlpool, or jacuzzi for laboring and birth, Mother Nurtured will provide cleaning instructions during one of the at-home visits.

Postpartum visits are an integral part of care at Mother Nurtured. During postpartum visits, they check the mother’s blood pressure, monitor for bleeding, and the midwife assesses whether the mother is healing correctly after labor and delivery. They assess the newborn for jaundice, weight changes, and newborn screenings. Midwives can also provide breastfeeding support for the mom and baby. Postpartum visits continue as needed for the first few months after giving birth so women can receive ongoing support. 

Mother Nurtured Midwifery

Mother Nurtured Midwifery offers families excellent care throughout pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum. They offer support during this monumental time in a family’s life through the services of skilled midwives at Mother Nurtured. With various services available from pregnancy through postpartum recovery, patients are well taken care of at Mother Nurtured. 

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